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Has Your Pet Received Allof Its Vaccinations?

Bring your dog or cat for an annual visit to the veterinarian.


The Health of

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Clinique Vétérinaire Cartier-Des Laurentides Inc.: Animal Health Clinic

Personalized Care for Felines and Canines

Clinique Vétérinaire Cartier-Des Laurentides Inc. welcomes you and your pet to our warm and comforting clinic, across the street from the football field and not far from the arena, near the Cartier métro station in Laval. Since 1996, our team of professionals has been caring for your feline and canine friends and ensuring their health and well-being. Is your cat injured, or is your dog sick? Bring them in! Whether you come in for a routine visit or emergency care, we will treat your animal with attentiveness and respect.


Don’t wait until your animal is sick before bringing it to the veterinarian. Make an appointment at Clinique Vétérinaire Cartier-Des Laurentides Inc. today. For more information concerning our veterinary care, consult our profile on infoVet® or follow us on Facebook.
Nutritional Products: Ensure That Your Animal Remains in Good Health

Good health begins with good nutrition. Regardless of your pet’s age or health condition, we have the ideal type of food. We carry high-end and specialized brands of food, including Royal Canine and Hill’s.


  • General veterinary medicine

  • Laser surgery

  • Vaccination

  • Dental care




Our goal is to ensure the good hygiene and healthy life of your animal.


Brushes, Shampoo

and Food


We carry hygiene, food and dental care products.

Has Your Dog Received Allof Its Vaccinations?


Bring your dog for an annual visit to the veterinarian.


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